“Inter-cultural Dimension for European Active Citizenship” IDEA-C

Acronym: IDEA-C Project number: 555616-CITIZ-1-2014-IT-CITIZ-NT

The project, coordinated by EProjeCtconsult – Istituto europeo di Formazione e Ricerca, counts a big partnership composed by 14 Institutions from 13 EU Member States: University of Piraeus Research Center (Grecia), Kistarcsa Város Önkormányzata (Ungheria), Zwiazek Stowarzyszen Multikultura (Polonia), Sdrudzenie Znam I Moga (Bulgaria), M2C Institut für angewandte Medienforschung GmbH (Germania), Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council (Gran Bretagna), Youth in Science and Business Foundation (Estonia), Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Slovenia),  The Innovation and Development Institute Principe Real (Portugal),  E-Juniors (Francia), UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (Spagna) e Mediter – Réseau Euro-Méditerranéen pour la Coopération a.i.s. (Belgio).

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Considered the alarmingly low turnout rate in EU elections, the project aims to restore electoral faith among EU citizens. It will address the three main causes for low electoral participation found in collaboration with the project partners:
– lack of interest and knowledge of the democratic workings of the EU
– mistrust towards EU institutions
– lack of sense of belonging to Europe.

The project will be structured in 4 main international events.

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