EProjectConsult EU Project Management

EProjectConsult EU Project Management

Free Consultancy

Involving many different kinds of projects and programs in Europe helps our company have professional knowledge and hands-on experience that can be your reliable and trustworthy partner in offering free consultancy to whatever kind of problems you are facing. The more detailed questions you ask, the more feedback and advice we can provide to offer the best possible solutions.

Our free consultants are available for appointments by Skype or in-person meetings. Please fulfill the form below or send an email to: info@eprojectconsult.com with your inquiries in details, we will arrange the suitable consultancy for you.

Please note “First come, first served”, thus, contact us as soon as you can for a prompt free consultancy. In case of 1st consultancy or complicated questions, we highly recommend to have a direct meeting.


Understanding the significance of dissemination within the life cycle of European projects, EProjectConsult has been developed a modular process of dissemination for the whole project process, starting from the very beginning till the end stage of projects.

The main goal of dissemination is to raise the awareness about project aims, activities and results through various online and offline channels, materials and conferences.

With online and offline dissemination services for European projects, our professional team has developed suitable strategies with the aim of making the projects more visible based on the client aims and target groups. Also, we help create a variety of different types of dissemination tools (including brochures, posters, videos, etc.) and through social media and other online tools to spread and boost your project as far as possible.

We also develop and combine the dissemination strategy in an effective and suitable way according to your aims, target groups, and expectations, these apply to all kinds of projects. Approach to each project is tailored and carried out in order to completely meet your needs.

  • Levering and optimizing the power of each social media tool in social networks in order to bring your EU-project on the spotlight;
  • Social Integration: Integration of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr and others;
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization services to boost your project visibility and ease to find on the web;
  • Traffic analysis: Track website traffic via Google Analytic © and receive regular PDF reports and more.
  • Professional flyers, brochures, leaflets and any other custom printing with competitive price;
  • Communication materials (poster, event stand….) to highlight your project at events, conferences, and workshops;
  • Project standard and visual templates (Word, PPT…) to facilitate the work of partners and improve the consistency and impact of the project;
  • Different forms of copy-writing (press release, website content, presentations, newsletters and other content writing services).


Besides our expertise in dissemination, EProjectConsult also offers in-depth knowledge and professional service in evaluating European Projects. Based on our effective methods, we guide and support the evaluation process of our clients’ projects, improve the quality of these projects, and, ultimately, offer the necessary tools for a successful evaluation strategy in the future.

Based on the professional standards of the European Commission, our evaluation aims to assess the satisfaction of all stakeholders of one project. EProjectConsult also guides you at every stage of the project by implementing the following 4-step methodology:

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