IDEA-C Event 3 (July 2015, Germany)

Kick-off, press conference, introductive discussion, playful workshops and educational role play


Local “project guides” (artists/experts) introduce the participants to local problems with EU dimensions of their interest (e.g. social inclusion, urban development) who have to create solutions by integrating actual and future EU policies and options for citizens’ participation. A plenary session presents the results and proposals to be given to politicians, etc. Solutions are finally integrated into art, media or any form of cultural expressions.


  • Disseminate the event’s & project’s goals through the kick-off meeting and the press conference
  • Stronger insights into the current EU issues related to everyday life
  • Greater openness towards intercultural dimensions and diversity
  • Knowledge of democratic tools and influence over e.g. the EP
  • Knowledge about European dimensions and policies
  • Greater encouragement of civic participation through creative format of the event
  • Greater dissemination of the results through artistic expressions
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