“GoOutThere! Outdoor Challenge”

ERASMUS-SPORT-2021-SSCP (Small-scale partnerships)

Project Summary 

 “GoOutThere! Outdoor Challenge” is a project aiming to facilitate and nurture outdoor physical activity for adults, through experiencing the wonders of European mountains.

 It revolves around creating adventures and challenges for adult people (18-69) to motivate them to venture in the open nature. A series of events will be organized in 4 European countries – Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia and Greece.

Project Overview

  •  Project number: 101050672
  •  Project name: GoOutThere! Outdoor Challenge
  •  Project acronym: GOT OUTDOOR
  •  Call: ERASMUS-SPORT-2021-SSCP
  •  Topic: ERASMUS-SPORT-2021-SSCP
  •  Type of action: ERASMUS Lump Sum Grants
  •  Granting authority: European Education and Culture Executive Agency
  •  Grant managed through EU Funding & Tenders Portal: Yes (eGrants)
  •  Project starting date: 01.07.2022
  •  Project end date: 30.06.2023

 Project duration: 12 months

Key Principles

  • Design and creation of adventure / challenge materials
  • Design and development of online platform.

  • Adventure and Challenge Events

Project Partners

  1. Coordinator – Expert Pool Bulgaria
  2. Eprojectconsult – Istituto Europeo di Formazione e Ricerca
  4. EVROPAIKI POLITEIA (“Kallipolis”)

What it is about:

Whether it’s a quick hike in the park, multi-day trekking in the mountains, going outdoors is good for everybody. It brings people together, strengthens communities, and helps to keep us healthy. In 2017, the Commission launched the Tartu Call for a Healthy Lifestyle, as a roadmap to strengthen coordination across different EU policy areas to tackle the societal, health and economic challenges of unhealthy lifestyles, in particular physical inactivity. In line with that, our project main goal is to offer and promote activities that bring people together and create new, inclusive opportunities for getting outdoors.

Mountaineering, hiking, rafting, canyoning – all nature-related sports, are some of the best and most accessible tools to tackle stress, obesity and at the same time provide adventure and unforgettable, integrational experiences.

The project has the following specific objectives:

– Promoting healthy lifestyle through grassroots outdoor sports and spending active time in the nature.

– Increasing the physical activity levels of the target groups in the partnering countries, via motivation and promotion of outdoor life.

– Promote equal, inclusive, and diverse opportunities for access to outdoor adventures to all audiences.

Involving hiking, multi-day trekking, geocaching and other activities, “GoOutThere! Outdoor Challenge” contributes to the Programme efforts to address health problems, reduce social and economic barriers, and establishing sustainable and responsible mindset, via quizzes and tailored information on these topics, during the organized outdoor experiences. The project is also involving novel digital tools, such as “smart challenge tags”, digital adventure maps, unlockable digital achievement badges, others.

“Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or EACEA. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.”

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