KA2 Strategic Partnership

In term of the sustainability process of Europe, EProjectConsult is open to establish strong and effective connection with European organizations which aim to work in various European funding programs such as Erasmus+, FP7, CIP, PROGRESS, CULTURE, DAPHNE, LIFE+ EuropeAid, IPA, ENPI, etc.

Since 2011, our company was certified ISO9001 as a project developer and management coordinator of EU projects offering professional services including project management, training, consultancy, quality and assessment management, dissemination & exploitation, proposal writing, etc.

We have played an significant role as a partner (internally) or subcontractor (externally) in on-going projects and more potential proposals in near future.

For new project proposals, we also offer professional assistance in:

  • Development of the quality plan;
  • Assessment of project performance;
  • Quality success indicators;
  • Quality of results and their impacts;
  • Formation of evaluation reports and suggestions for further improvements.
  • Developing and coordinating;
  • Forming the IPR model;
  • Promoting and raising awareness through social media including European TV channels as well as through our European network and via our links with the Association of European Journalists and other European associations.

These above experises are considered to be essential elements for any successful European funded project and add further credits for a positive evaluation of an application form requesting EC funding.

In case we establish any synergy based on the above framework, we can support you in proposal writing or involve your organizations in EC proposals that we write on behalf of your National clients.