IDEA-C Event 4 (February 2016, Poland)

Kick-off, press conference, introductive discussion, educational role play, interactive technology


The event will end with a mediating event during which there will be the launching of a documentary made up of images and videos recorded during the whole project duration in all partner countries, showing participants voting, holding speeches and actively taking part in the political system.

An informative session about the web platform featuring e.g. educational games promoting civic and democratic participation will be held.

There will be a round table for the partners to discuss the results.


  • Dissemination of the event’s & project’s goals through the kick-off meeting and the press conference;
  • Promotion of the project through the web platform;
  • Promotion of civic and democratic participation through educational content of the platform;
  • Greater amount of people who are not active in the democratic life of the EU (e.g. voting) reached through the promotion of the project.
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