IDEA-C Event 2 (May 2015, Hungary)

Kick-off, press conference, introductive discussion, conferences and round table


The focus is on the democratic workings of the EU. Conferences are held in Hungary, presenting among others the different modes of civic participation (e.g. voting), how the European Parliament works and how its electoral processes influence how the EU is run. Among the invited people, Viktor Eszterhai, PhD, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, will talk about the lessons from the 2014 European Parliamentary Elections and strategies to achieve a more vibrant democracy.


  • Disseminate the event’s and project’s goals through the kick-off meeting and the press conference;
  • Stronger insights into the current EU issues related to everyday life and the Union policy making-process (including elections);
  • Tackle the perception of a non-democratic working in the European Union;
  • Gain knowledge about the various possibilities for active participation at EU level (e.g. voting);
  • Improve conditions for democratic engagement at EU level;
  • Foster European citizenship.
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