The Creativity Crowd project is coming to a close

The Creativity Crowd project is coming to a close

These days we are closing the Creativity Crowd project, a two-year Erasmus+ Ka2 project in collaboration with Expert Pool (Bulgaria), a non-profit organisation with experience developing activities to promote entrepreneurship and support small and medium business ventures, including providing training courses and materials, and Insitut Fur Angewandte Medienforschung gmbh (Institute for Applied Media Research, Germany), a research centre which, among other tasks, provides digitization, digital participation and media competence training, as well as actively being part of the creation of a “smart city” in Bremen, Germany.

With the finalization of the Self-assessment Tool (SAT) and the translation of all the project results into the partner languages, the platform is ready to be accessed.

We are very proud of the results achieved and the work implemented, and we are very happy to have actively contributed to the creation of a very useful, dynamic, and up with times digital tool that helps people assess their level of creative digital competencies utilizing an adopted model of the European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens, known as DigComp.

The test only takes a few minutes to complete, and at the end, people get a report on their level of digital skills, as well as a certificate and a digital badge, to use in job applications, CVs, LinkedIn profiles or anywhere else.

For this project, EProjectConsult primarily took care of the visual part, coming up with a coherent and effective visual identity that reflects the soul of the project.

We also recorded a short informative video about the project, interviewing some of the project partners and letting them explain the importance and usefulness of such a creative self-assessment tool.

As part of the IO3, EProjectConsult took part in the production of 3 interviews with 3 creative industries, in Italy, Germany and Bulgaria, who have turned to the digital in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We discussed with our partners how best to record an interview, and creating a document for tips on lighting, sound, composition, etc. Then, each organization recorded its interviews before transferring them to us for editing.

The interviews were arranged so that the same questions would be asked to these three individuals and see what each of them had to say, even though they all work in the creative industry their roles and experiences would be interestingly different.

Heiko Grein is a manager of a recording studio, who runs a musician promotion agency, and is the head of the music network Songs & Whispers in Bremen, Germany.

Alexander Dimitrov, the President of Association GLAS, and also the Chief editor of glaspress, an online media. Their association mainly deals with young people from Bosilegrad – a small almot 5000 citizen town.

Basilio Parmaliana is the marketing manager of Aqua consulting. He is responsible for managing the group’s communication and promoting its image in order to improve the brand awareness.

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