SMILE Sustainable Microbrewers Learning across Europe

SMILE stand for Sustainable Microbrewers Learning across Europe.

SMILE stand for Sustainable Microbrewers Learning across Europe. The project aims to support new or becoming brewers by offering knowledge about brewing, due diligence and entrepreneurship.

During the project we have already held three out of five meetings to discuss the development of the project:

  • Kick off meeting in Ireland to present organisations and get started with the project
  • The steering committee meeting in Italy to give overview about each countries’ report and discuss the training course to be developed
  • Project check on meeting in Czech Republic to overview done and coming actions and to plan multiplier events.

Before the third meeting there was already held one multiplier event that took place in Sicily, Italy. 

For the multiplier event A Rocca and Eprojectconsult organizations invited to participate around 30 professionals, working on the food & beverage sector, who had the opportunity to meet and taste the beers produced by 4 regional microbrewers: Paul Bricius, Alveria, Horus Mylae and Epica.

In June there will be another partner meeting to discuss the training course what is one of the outcomes of this project. The training course will consist of three modules we mentioned before – brewing, due diligence and entrepreneurship. Before the training course Spain, Czech Republic and Italy have to prepare and hold a pilot test for the business module. Other two modules are already ready and prepared and will be pilot tested during the training course. When the training is finished, participants will gain certificate of SMILE qualification and are ready to become professional micro brewers!