Jure Mudronja Pleša, Intern at EProjectConsult

Jure Mudronja Pleša eprojectconsult intern

Jure Mudronja Pleša

My name is Jure Mudronja Pleša, I am about to finish my Erasmus+ internship as a Project Support Assistant at EprojectConsult. After 6 months with EprojectConsult, what to say at the end? It was fruitful period of my life, I got an opportunity to improve myself, both professionally as well personally. Since the beginning I have felt as an equal member of the team not as an intern at all. In last 6 months I have been involved in more than 40 Erasmus+ KA1 project. Also, I have been involved in KA2 projects such as ANLA – A new learning arena and Access to VET. Moreover, it was my great pleasure participating in very interesting project called Young Digital Leaders, that was cooperation between ISD and EprojectConsult, supported by Google.

During this 6 months I also had an opportunity to travel and visit many interesting places all over the Sicily: Palermo, Cefalù, Etna, Taormina, Aeolian Islands, Syracusa and Noto

I am going back to Croatia enriched in so many ways, with bittersweet end. Sweet because I am going home after long time, but bitter because I am leaving behind people who have been my colleges, friends and family for the past 6 months.

I am taking this opportunity to thanks every each of you!

Thank you, Marleen, my intern colleague with whom I arrived at the same time at EProjectConsult, for capturing every precious moment of our internship with her phone camera, I wish you luck (break a leg). Many thanks to Loris, for being good spirit of the office that has never forgotten to ask us “come va?”. Dziękuję Ci Linda my Slavic colleague, for providing free lesson for dog breeding and her daughter Raisa for taking care of bad breath of the whole office by providing free chewing gums. Serena big thanks to you for supporting Croatian national team on this world cup, without your support I am sure we couldn’t make it so far. Thank you, Teruko and Mari, for always providing us some interesting Japanese sweets.  Also, thanks to Margarite who I have not managed to get to know more closely, but I wish you to have good and quality internship as I have had. Nino and Federica, thank you very much for your trust, guidance and all given opportunities to prove myself. You gave me opportunity to learn and work not just in Sicily but all over Italy and Europe (Milano, Romania, Brussels…) Thank you for all funny moments as well, inventing new names for office tool (sbucatore) or that time when we had pizza for pranzo in Milano (which is absolutely forbidden by all Italian laws: “Italians never eat pizza for lunch!!!) At last but not least big thanks to Errol and Nerea, the people with whom I just not have shared the work space, but a living space as well. Thank you King Roro, you have proven yourself as a real gentleman and a scholar. Nerea, my beloved Gypsy thank you for all 1-10 moments of evaluation and all your craziness. You have been a real friend that I could always lean on whenever I have needed

Many thanks to il Postino as well, for his resounding “BUONGGGGIORNOOO” every morning.

Sempre dritto!!!

P.S. I wish you all luck with this baby boom in the office.

Jure Mudronja Pleša
Jure Mudronja Pleša
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