InVolvE 2nd Training, Velenje, Slovenia, February 2018

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Increasing Volunteers' Skills across Europe – InVolvE

Erasmus+ KA2
2nd Training, Velenje, Slovenia, June 19th -22nd 2018

2nd training course of Erasmus+ KA2 project  “Increasing Volunteers’ Skills across Europe – InVolvE” was held in Velenje, Slovenia. The meeting was organized by Andragoski zavod Ljudska univerza Velenje It was held 19th -22nd 2018

Our colleague Nerea Lopez Ares with Eliza Mirabile and Pina Milone from Italian Red Cross association took a part at meeting.

This project in general aims to improve the quality of volunteer training and skills of the organisations working with volunteers.

The training course lasted three days, and it was about teaching soft skills through non-formal educational activities. Our team had three very productive days in Slovenia:

  • It was presented days of migrant movies by Primož Jamšek and the guest Ibrahim – migrant volunteer,
  • SIMILAR project – tools presentation of interactive workshop
  • Training session –successful communication between mentors, volunteers and organization, good volunteering practices of partner organisations.
  • “Volunteering in local community” – panel
  • Presentation of good practices from partner countries (Italy and Poland)
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