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Increasing Volunteers' Skills across Europe – InVolvE

Erasmus+ KA2 


InVolvE provide during 18 months, a specialised training programme to volunteers and reinforce the quality of volunteer training. The principal mechanism to achieve this goal will be the development of a strategic partnership, increasing their capacity to operate at transnational level, what will allow to participant organisations aim to share and confront ideas, practices and methods in this specific field of adult education.

  • Identify at least two national best practices by each partner and prepare a summary paper to inform the partnership;
  • Organise an internet based platform for knowledge exchange and internal communication that allows involve partners actively in the project;
  • Organise two Learning/Teaching/Training activities.
  • Establish visibility of the running project in each partner context;
  • Prepare evidence of knowledge transfer and innovation into practice according to the specific characteristics of each partner organisation;
  • Organise four dissemination activities/multiplier events by each partner.
  • Avoids wastes scarce resources (including a volunteer’s time) and trigger a readiness to learn;
  • Deals with the volunteer problems contributes to overcome them and ensure that training participants may be highly attuned to the volunteering environment;
  • Meets situation and circumstances that are very damaging to volunteer motivation, internal morale and external image.

The partnership and knowledge sharing project is focused on effective soft skill training needs of volunteers and on the intention to include soft skills are on a training’s agendas in each partner institution.

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