InVolvE 2nd International Meeting, Razlog, Bulgaria, May 2018

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2nd International Meeting, Razlog, Bulgaria, May 29th -31th 2018

2nd International meeting of InVolvE project was held in Razlog, Bulgaria and our project coordinators Errol Delly Bailly and Nerea L. Ares were attending the meeting.

The meeting was organised by EVROCENTAR OBUCHENIE I PARTNYORSTVO 21

The main activities during the meeting:

  • Evaluation of Short Staff Training of Potsdam – Coordinator presented the evaluation results and pointed out some relevant aspects of this document to all partners.
  • Discussion of Guideline framework for Good Practice Definition – Coordinator presented point by point the document delivered in January 2018 to all partners. Everyone had the opportunity to clarify doubts to add something or to propose changes.
  • Revision of Ana Liosa (Greece) Meeting Agreements concerning:
    • The trimestral reports;
    • The contributions to the Newsletter;
    • The visibility and dissemination of the project in the partners’ work environment and/or with stakeholder
  • Online Platform choice – After some considerations of each partner about what would be the most practical online platform to upload project materials and to held group discussions about it, it has been agreed that google drive will be used for that.
  • Short Staff Training Velenje information’s – Slovenian partner gave some information about the draft agenda and also some advice concerning logistic and transports issues.
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