Interesting internship experiences

Interesting internship experiences


I am back from my ‘very first moment in Barcellona P.G’ note.  I am with this cozy city for a month now and two more months to go. First time ever doing internship tasks all about Erasmus Plus KA1-KA2 Programs which brings me more understanding how it can be implemented and be so beneficial to all the students who have chance to participate in, in terms of not only practicing their skills but also exploring new cultures in this city.

Starting with daily tasks in the office has brought me various ideas about how KA1/KA2 Erasmus+ project under-gone. In additional, working with partners, interns about their projects via emails has enriched my own experiences in dealing and solving any unexpected issues in the good manner. My manager is also kind enough to give me chances to involve more in project’s works. Interestingly, with her suggestion, I have hold some skype interviews with some incoming interns who are young, energic and excited for their internships in Sicily.

Hoa's trip Erasmus+ project I understand that I must learn and improve myself more in this sector for the better tasks done. There is also a bundle of things I need to learn, but lucky me I have all kind and nice colleagues in the office who will always give me their hands whenever I seek for helps or advices. I also have international colleagues in the office since most of us come from different countries and we are very cooperative at work. On top of that, working in this sector has provided me great opportunities to know and get along with international interns from Europe continent like France, Poland, Spain, Malta, Turkey, Slovakia, Rumania, etc. We have joined together for some wonderful excursion trips during weekends whereby we will have more free time after busy working or internship days. They are all awesome. 

So far so good, Erasmus+ Project has brought the borderless learning and connected all the young people together in one selected city Barcellona P.G that they brightly expand their net work for their future own will.

Hoa Nguyen intern at EProjectConsult
Hoa Nguyen
Intern at EProjectConsult
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