Very moment and first time in Barcellona P.G. (by Hoa Nguyen)

Very moment and first time in Barcellona P.G.

Ciao! Xin chào!
I am Hoa Nguyen and I am from Vietnam. Recently I am so happy to have the chance to do my internship at EprojectConsult in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, Sicily. Even though doing internship is one of the compulsory requirements to complete the master course that I study in University of Economics in Katowice, Poland; but this does not seem stress me out so much, rather than excite me.

It was a long way to make myself here, but it is totally worth it. I have got very little information about this city where I will stay for the next three months internship. Nervous, of course! But it did not stay long since I received clearly guidance how to get to Barcellona P.G from Mrs. Federica – one of the founders of EprojectConsult- before my departure. When landed in Catania airport, the first thing came to my mind is, Italian people are so kind and friendly. They showed me where to get the ticket, catch the bus and train to Barcellona from Catania regardless of languages barrier.

Then, I was picked up from Barcellona P.G train station by one of the colleagues and directed to the apartment where I will cover myself in next three months. This apartment is being shared with other three nice Spanish interns who are kind enough to show me around and explain everything in this house. The most preferable part is this apartment faces the main square where there is a wonderful view from the windows and balcony. Barcellona P.G. main squareWill not forget to mention about the beautiful sunshine in the morning which brings a good energy to start a working day, as I believe.

And finally, I am in EprojectConsult office for the very first day of internship period with one of my housemates, who was completing her internship two days later. I first met almost all colleagues in the office with some quick self-introducing. Their warm welcome and enthusiasms released the nervousness at beginning. Coincidentally, I was lucky enough to attend two training courses with partner from Bulgaria, where I have gained more understanding about the procedures of KA1, KA2, Erasmus+ Program and works to be completed here. They were interesting, and I know I have made a right decision to do the internship at EprojectConsult where I will have chance to meet, work with all the people around European countries and explore myself in the international environment. That is something which I am always looking for. Project management and Customer Service Management are being the favourite field to me and hopefully the past experiences might keep me well with this new work. More interestingly, besides the main official language – English, all my colleagues here are communicating Italian fluently (of course to those are not Italian), which is also one of the encouragements for me to learn this interesting Latin language in order to keep nice chit chat with them and to have understand more about the culture, people here.

Everything is so far so good with the office, the company and the people here, by now. There will be more things for me to learn, to explore and to discover in Barcellona P.G as well as Sicily in general. And to all the young and energic students, I would like to recommend searching for the chance to join some training or exchanged courses abroad with EprojectConsult where you not only have chance to improve necessary skills for future pursue career, but also to meet more interesting people, explore the new cultures, enjoy borderless travels, etc with Erasmus+ Program. So, why not, as we believe travel broadens the mind and enriches spirit.

Hoa Nguyen intern at EProjectConsult
Hoa Nguyen
Intern at EProjectConsult
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