Enjoy Erasmus+


Internships, partnerships and
training courses

It is October and that means that EProjectConsult is already anticipating on new internships, partnerships and training courses for the upcoming year. If you are involved in one of these fields, we might have something very interesting for you. EProjectConsult, the intermediary and hosting organisation based on Sicily, is thrilled to share what we can do for you in 2019. Within the frame of the Erasmus+ programme (KA1 & KA2), we can offer a fantastic experience to your school or organisation.

Internships for VET students

EprojectConsult has an enormous local network in the region of Barcelona Pozzo di Gotto on Sicily.  

mechanic guys at work

Training courses for adults

We offer training courses in the area of teaching, EU Project management, tourism and SME to give a few examples.

Erasmus+ Key Action 2 projects

At this moment, we are involved in different KA2 projects.

Do any of these activities sound interesting for your organisation? Then do not hesitate and contact us! We are open to all different kinds of partnerships and we would love to hear what your organisation is interested in. Let’s cooperate!


Enjoy Erasmus+

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