Erasmus+ Contact Seminar

EprojectConsult Contact Seminar

Erasmus+ Contact Seminar 2018

International Erasmus+ Contact Seminars is the member of the network European Vocational Skills Week, thus, our seminars are now visible on the Event map of this network. This cooperation came from our hope to showcase excellence and raise the quality of vocational education and training as well as to share the best practices among VET and be in touch with other key stakeholders in the sector of training and education.

  • To become more acquainted with services offered by “A Rocca”, your future Italian hosting and/or intermediary partner;
  • To seize the opportunity to build a long-term partnership with an expert and reliable organization;
  • To get a training about the project management in the frame of the Erasmus+ KA1 Program.

During the seminars, all participants will receive useful tips and suggestions from the professional project managers of “A Rocca” and EProjectConsult in order to gain additional knowledge in various fields:

  • How to develop a successful EU project;
  • EU project management;
  • Project applying process;
  • How to identify suitable projects according to the profile of each organization/school etc;
  • Establishing new cooperation and developing your own project ideas;
  • Dissemination and evaluation strategies;
  • Answers to target questions.

Follow-up activities (impact and dissemination)


Any participant who can be representatives from European schools (teachers, leaders or project managers) or representatives from any relative institution in the field of education and training are eligible for the seminars.

The main language for the seminars will be mainly in English. However, private consultations will be still available in Spanish, Polish and French.

Costs & Registration

The preparatory meeting is FREE of charge for confirmed participants.

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