ACCESS TO VET – a sum up of the project

ACCESS TO VET - A sum up of the project

ACCESS TO VET partnershipThe 24-month project entitled “ACCESS TO VET – with Competence Development and Skills Recognition” this year has come to an end. The project, funded by the ERASMUS+ programme (KA2 Startegic partnership) under the agreement n° 2017-1-HU01-KA202-035931, was implemented in international partnership with six members representing 5 countries (Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Romania).

The project aimed to develop transversal competences essential for employment and learning. Also, it was expected a mutual learning about the best practices applied by the international partners and further development of the partner organizations’ professional activities through the exchange of experiences.

During the 2-years project, 5 international meetings were conducted in the partner countries in order to follow the working process and proceed with the project activities.

The following best practices and methods acquired during the project implementation have been tested in real environments in practice:

  1. 4-zone model enhancing planning life management related matters for NEET young people.
  2. Job Club aiming at improving self-awareness, motivation and decision-making process.
  3. Use of a document called ’career plan’ that helps measuring skills and competences and defining future goals.
  1. Creating a training course based on individual needs and considering employer demands.
  1. Tool and method aiming at measuring transversal skills.
  2. Examining competence fields with the so-called resilience quiz.

The published results of the project are recommended for any organizations or professionals that are responsible for the subject area of the project, and best practices and the results of their testing may support professional activities in any EU Member States.

As a consequence of the project, 6 best practices – entirely and/or partially – have been tried out in practice as a result of which the participating organisations could acquire added value/information and practical experience with which they can renew their existing professional work.

Thanks to the integration and use of the best practices, the labour market reintegration of people having multiple disadvantages, it can be reached that more adults could join training programmes developing their transversal skills thus the efficiency of their professional training and further training is increasing.

Moreover, adults can start training programmes adjusting to their key competences and enter the primary labour market therefore employability will improve, the number of jobseekers will decrease in the partner countries, and the attitude and willingness for work of labour market actors will be developed.

During the adaptation and testing processes, the partners – in most cases – experienced positive impacts when integrating the programme elements into their work.

All in all, based on the partners’ feedback, best practices – or its elements – are sustainable even in the long run with more or less changes.


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