Youth Motion Resolution Against Domestic Violence

“Youth Motion Resolution Against Domestic Violence”

The intends of the project was to promote the dissemination of specific European politics and policies, in particular those related to  human rights and gender equality through active youngsters, as well as raising the youth awareness related to EU actions aimed at the protection of children and youth rights and the fight against trafficking human beings and violence against more fragile people.

The project duration was 6 months, of investigation, online sharing as well as one in-situ meeting that took place in Lisbon, from 05-11-2011 till 12-11-2012.

ACV involved 32 youngsters, coming from 12 different organizations, and seven countries (Portugal, Italy, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland and Turkey), in order to induce intercultural sharing and learning, related to their participation in democratic life and to promote the understanding of the mechanisms and the functioning of the EU institutions, particularly, the role of the European Parliament and the EU Commission in the protection and social cohesion of every citizen of Europe.

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