Youth in action Portugal June 2011

Portugal: 4th – 12th June 2011

Title:” Ingredients of the Mediterranean

Organization: Experimentaculo

Action: 3.1. Youth in Action

Partners: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia and Egypt

Number of participants: 4 people (18-25 y.o.) + 1 team leader.

Location: Setúbal.

Description: The Youth Exchange “Ingredients of the Mediterranean” was held in Setúbal, Portugal, from 4 to 12 June 2011, with neighbour countries, especially Mediterranean partner countries, and it brought together groups of five young people from six countries providing them the opportunity to discuss and confront various themes of common interest, such as poverty, social exclusion, solidarity and tolerance among young people.

At the same time, the participants learnt about the country and culture of each partner. The topics were based and discussed on the non-formal education in a fun and creative way through the preparation of typical dishes from the Mediterranean.

The coordinators invited important organizations that deal directly and daily with Poverty and Social Exclusion, especially with the homeless. All these organizations did an excellent job and the principal aim of the project was to put the participants in contact with this reality. In the end, each group had the responsibility to prepare a meal for the poorest people with the help of partners involved in the project.

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