Youth in action Cyprus 2011

Cyprus: 25th – 1st of May 2011

Duration: 6 days

Title: “Roadmap for Equality”

Organization: Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization (CYCO)

Action: 1.1 Youth in Action

Main theme for the project: Gender equality, Anti-discrimination, Social exclusion, Intercultural Learning.

Partners: Italy, Cyprus, Slovenia, Belgium

Number of participants: 6 + team leader.

Location: Kyperounta

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Description: Inspired by the Commission’s priority areas of action for gender equality, the Youth Clubs of Cyprus have planned an international Youth Exchange. Gender equality is a fundamental right and a common value of the EU. This Youth Exchange will give the participants the chance to explore the following aspects of gender equality: equal economic independence for women and men; reconciliation of private and professional life; equal representation in decision-making; eradication of all forms of gender- based violence; elimination of gender stereotypes. Participants are expected to identify ways to ensure the above priorities within their own organizations and to plan actions for women at risk of marginalization. We invite youth workers, youth leaders and volunteers to participate.

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