Youth Crowd Erasmus+ KA2 project


Erasmus Plus KA2 – Strategic Partnerships
Project n° 2016-2-BG01-KA205-024063

General description

In the frame of Erasmus+ KA2 program, Associazione Artistica Culturale “A Rocca”, in partnership with, Association “Expert Pool – Bulgaria” initiates the project “Youth Crowd” – a platform for collective (crowd) funding for young entrepreneurs. This project was funded by Erasmus+ and the duration of the project is 10 months, starting from 01st of Oct 2016 to 30th Jul 2017.

Main objective

The project main aim is to create a transnational instrument for promoting entrepreneurial attitudes and implementation of entrepreneurial projects of the youth from the partnering countries.

Key principles

  • Create a platform for crowd funding of non-financial return (crowd sponsoring) youth projects,
  • Raise public awareness about crowd financing, promoting information and organizing training and confidence building,
  • Elaboration of training modules for youth-project promoters to develop their entrepreneurial skills and attitudes.

Main contributions of the project

  • Elaborate a platform for crowd funding that supports young people for their own projects
  • Do entrepreneurship training course (2 Blended mobilities) that involves young people from Bulgaria and Italy;
  • Prepare 2 intellectual out-puts
    • Analysis of the awareness, attitudes of stakeholders, regulatory framework and the impact of collective funding on youth in 2 partner countries; and
    • A comprehensive guide for entrepreneurship through collective financing
  • Organize and implement 2 multiplier events in each partner country

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