Youth Crowd Blended Mobility Erasmus Ka2

‘Youth Crowd’ Blended events (Entrepreneur training session)

Along with organizing multiplier events of the project, each partner also held one training in each country with 10 participants (5 local and 5 foreign young people). The duration of each blended mobility is 5 days physical mobility (excluding travel days) and 7 days online training.

During each training, many exercises for the on-the-pot training is also implementing in order to drive all participants with comprehensive and clear understanding in practice.

1st  training session

Date & Time: 10th – 15th  July 2017
Location: Sofia Bulgaria
Organized by: Association “Expert Pool – Bulgaria”

2nd training session

Date & Time: updating
Location: Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, Sicily, Italy
Organized by: Associazione Artistica Culturale (ARocca)

In these blended mobilities, young people can:

  • Enhance entrepreneurship spirit;
  • More awareness and positive attitudes towards crowdfunding;
  • Be familiar with different crowdfunding platforms and its concepts and know how to build a crowd;
  • Be able to create a Youth Crowd profile, a Youth Crowd campaign as well as to run and analyze the campages

After finishing the training course, each participants will receive the YouthPass certificate and Europass document (Europass Mobility) for their participants and contributions.

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