Young Digital Leaders – Training for Facilitators

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Young Digital Leaders – Training for Facilitators

13th April 2018, Milan

Our team participated in workshop for trainers in Milan within „Young Digital Leaders “, the project which is coordinated by Google (Brussels) and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue – ISD (UK).  Young Digital Leaders is a Europe-wide project that aims to empower young people through digital citizenship, critical thinking and media literacy skills that reach beyond the classroom, so that they can be truly empowered as responsible digital leaders.

The purpose of the training was to train facilitators from our team that will deliver activities of Young Digital Leaders project in Italy.

The training was held on Friday, 13th April 2018 in Milan, and it was conducted by Lucie Parker and Natasha Hanckel-Spice from ISD.

From our team Alice Sinigaglia, Antonino Pietrini, Federica Sottile and Jure Mudronja Pleša took part in this training. Also, there were Catherine Williams from Google Brussels and Laura Sassi from Google Italia.

During the training we got familiar in depth with all activities of the Young Digital Leaders curriculum in order we can successfully deliver it in Istituto Istruzione Superiore Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange in Milan.

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