Winning images from the Sicilia a Prima Vista 2015 Photo Contest

We are delighted to have received many entries so thank you all for your participation in the Sicilia a Prima Vista 2015 Photo Contest!!

sicilia a prima vista photo contest winning images

Be inspired and view the entire collection of winning images (click on the photo to see the Flickr gallery).

Sicilia a prima vista 2015

Winning works will be showcased at the international Festival “Espressivamente” (18 – 19 of August) in Jalari Park Museum.

“Sicilia a Prima Vista” literally means “Sicily at first sight”. Through this experience, everybody could express how Sicily looks like for him or her. It represents an unique chance to see oour island trough different points of view and to share the passion for its culture.

It’s a fantastic way to experience Sicily all over again and get some insight into the way different cultures can look at a same object. In the end, every participant will learn something about the culture of the other participants, just by trying to understand why the other person looks at Sicily so differently.