Our primary goal is to teach students to use Italian language in the appropriate context in the right manner. Our courses focus mostly on communicative level that students could easily express themselves and interact in different situations. Lessons outside the classroom are very useful as they let students to emote in real-life situations and the result of learning the language is much better. Students are encouraged to participate in many activities and not to be afraid to use Italian language of their knowledge. As a participant in our Italian courses you shall learn Italian in the most professional and pleasant way and according to the latest teaching methods. Students can attend our courses in in Sicily all year through.

We would like to emphasise that we are always flexible and open for your requests. We can adjust everything considering your special needs – just tell us what you want and we will try to realise it. We believe that our goal of teaching Italian is reached if students enjoy and have fun during the courses and also get everything what they have expected before coming.

10 reasons to study Italian language

  • Italian language is the language of art, fashion, design, opera and food
  • Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations that concentrates a big amount of Historical and Artistic Heritage of all the world and more than half of Europe’s Unesco-protected monuments
  • Italian language cherish the culture of the Ancient Mediterranean Civilization and is closest to Latin language, the common ancestor of all romance languages
  • Many people rank Italian language as one of the most beautiful languages in the world
  • Italians are wonderful people eager to show their country and share their culture but they only do it in Italian
  • Italian language has the highest amount of words describing food as Italian people love it so much
  • To order with confidence at an authentic Italian restaurant
  • There is no need of subtitles to see Fellini’s, Visconti’s and Pasolini’s movies anymore
  • Improve your cultural understanding and global communication
  • To be able to work with Italian companies or to start one’s own business in Italy
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