Welcoming our new students in Barcellona P.G.

Welcome day at EProjectConsult!

Yesterday arrived two groups of young people, in total 24 students. Both of them have a VET internship in the frame of Erasmus+ programme. The first group who arrived is from Greece. Their group includes 12 students who are all studying nursing, so they will have an internship in clinics in Barcellona P.G. and Milazzo. The greeks are very interested in Sicilian culture so during their 2-week-stay they will visit different wonderful places such as Tindari ancient theatre, Marinello natural reserve, Etna volcano, the cities of Taormina, Syracuse and more!

The second group is from Austria. Their group consists of 11 hairdressers and 1 marketing and communications student. They will have their placements in different hair salons in Barcellona and the marketing and communications student will have internship at our organisation, EProjectConsult. Austrian group will also visit Etna volcano and the city of Taormina, but also Milazzo and its castle.

welcome day at EProjectConsult

Upon their arrival, the groups had a presentation about their coming weeks in Barcellona. Although the weather is not the best today, everybody seems to be smiling! Tonight we will have a traditional aperitivo with both groups, together with a group of Spanish teachers who arrived today. They will visit different health organisations for job shadowing to take home new knowledge that can be forwarded to their students. 

With summer approaching it is getting more and more busy here, a lot of groups every week! 😊   

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