We are working on a new European project in partnership with our partner from Poland

“European support for the development of local entrepreneurship”

EFS RPO WL 2014-2020

Together with Chełmskie Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Rozwoju Kapitału Społecznego from Poland we are implementing a new project titled “European support for the development of local entrepreneurship” financed from the EFS RPO WL 2014-2020.

One of the specific goals of the project is to increase the number of new and permanent jobs in the region of Lublin, Poland. In particular, the project aims to support people from the age of 30, economically or socially disadvantaged, and in general new entrepreneurs, to run and properly use funds addressed to new businesses, strengthening their competences.

The project, will help participants to develop new digital competences in the frame of business management, to obtain knowledge and skills in the field of available tools related to the sector, taking into account innovation and standards in force in the European Union. Taking part to the activities will increase participants knowledge offering them new solutions that can be translated into increased competitiveness of newly created companies.

One of the tasks we are supposed to manage is the implementation of a training which will be conducted using modern technologies focused on topics related to new technologies applied to business. In fact, one of our tasks is to train advisors and project trainers from Poland who will deliver the training about innovative tools and useful tips specifically thought for the field of reference.

The cooperation between the project partners will be the occasion to build an international partnership, thanks to which the beneficiary will enrich the offer of its project activities, learn about the management method applied in the partner organization and will be able to use the acquired knowledge in its own day-to-day operations.

Today, Wednesday 24th, we had the first online project meeting during which we discussed about the next steps to take in order to proceed with the project activities and to organize the next partner meeting which will be implemented in July in Sicily (the exact date has to be defined yet due to the current epidemiological situation).

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