Trip to Gole Alcantara

As that period are running many projects in Barcellona P.G., which are organised by EProjectConsult, people from various countries have developed friendships between them. As a result, those people (including me) are organising many activities by themselves. I am gonna speak about our trip to Gole Alcantara, which is a beautiful gorge in the south of Sicily, close to the city of Taormina.Trip to Gole Alcantara with EprojectConsult

Our group was composed from 12 people originated from Germany, Spain, Poland, Latvia and Greece. We rented one van and one normal car. When we arrived at the river we understood that this natural place is very particular because it is consisted by deep incisions in volcanic rocks and cliffs, caused by the eruptions of Mount Etna. The landscape was very beautiful. If the weather was ideal we could had had the possibility to cross a part of the river, but unfortunately we didn’t have this pleasure. After the unique moments we spent there, we went to the near village of Castiglione di Sicilia. This village is nice located close to the mountains, as well it has a lovely view. In the top there was a Castle. It was a fine experience to walk in a Sicilian picturesque village.

Multicultural experiences will be continued…

Athanasios Mourikis

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