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Erasmus+ Internship in Sicily

Already one week in Barcellona P.G. and our students from Toruń (Poland) left us a nice description of their first days in Sicily. 

"Students from Toruń went to conquer Sicilian restaurants, hotels and travel agencies. Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto welcomed us with beautiful weather and the temperature above 17 degrees, what made us very happy, because only a few days ago we had been in very cold Poland. The first day of our stay here was the organizational part, we got to know our intermediary organization: Associazione Artistica Culturale „A Rocca”, we explored the town, and what is the most important, we had our first visits in the places of our practice, big fear and stress accompanied us only just in front of the entrance, because just after crossing the the threshold, we were surrounded by Italian hospitality, kidness and humor. The first day of our practice was naturally getting acquainted with the working conditions and our duties. In spite of the language barrier (Italians use mainly their native language), we managed to communicate, though there were of course some little problems about which we had a chance to talk with humor during our evening meal. Saturday was a working day for some trainees, so we went to the seaside town (Caldera). The sea was very clean so everybody wanted to go to the water as close as possible and some of us had wet shoes later, but nobody complained. The end of the week was very attractive because on Sunday we went to see wonderful, but that day, very windy Etna, and very beautiful town Taormina. The views and impressions will remain in our hearts for a very, very long time. Now we are starting the new week with conviction that both, during the practice, and in our free time, we will have a lot of impressions and unforgettable moments"

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