Training course on Learning disabilities december 2015

Erasmus+ Training Course

Learning Disabilities

From the 13th December to the 19th of December 2015, the project titled “Learning Disabilities” was implemented. EProjectConsult hosted 05 selected participants (school staffs) in the Framework of the Erasmus+ Mobility Project for School Education Staff in cooperation with GAZIPASA ILKOKULU. The Participants had the opportunity to receive training in the field of Learning disabilities. The training consisted on seminars and workshops lead by the trainer Flairy Rousaki from Greece.

Learning Disabilities refer to a number of disorders which may affect the acquisition, organization, retention, understanding or use of verbal or nonverbal information. During the training programme, the participants from Turkey learnt how to handle student with learning disabilities. They were taught about the different strategies to help students with neurological impairment to overcome it.

In short, all the participants have been satisfied with the amount of knowledge they have acquired during their training in Sicily.

Cultural Programme

Besides their tutoring, they had the chance to explore the depths of the Sicilian culture, while meeting new friends from Italy as well as between themselves, thus building international partnerships and networks that may help them for many years to come.

Training Course

  • EprojectConsult Office

Specific skills acquired

  • Recognise different types of learning disabilities;
  • The impact of the learning disabilities on the pupils;
  • Support in the process of teaching/learning and during the tests;
  • How to choose the best type of support?
  • Individual learning plan for the pupils with learning disabilities;
  • The content of the individual learning plan;
  • Implementation of strategies for individual learning plan;
  • How to cooperate with the parents?
  • Tips for better cooperation with the pupils with learning disabilities
  • Workshop: Individual plan creation for the pupils with different types of learning disabilities (and presentations and discussions of all participant plans)

Nevertheless, participants gained professional experience in their sector that will help them to become more efficient in their job. After the project was finished, participants received “A Rocca certificate” and EUROPASS. Employees of the “A Rocca” Association and people involved in this project hope that it was a rich and useful experience for everybody.

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