TRAINING COURSE “Improving social and emotional skills at school”

"Improving social and emotional learning at school"

5-days training course implemented using the LEGO Serious Play methodology

Studies show how combining social and emotional skills in early childhood have later effect in physical and mental health, school readiness and academic achievement, crime, employment and income. Our course offers practical tips to support children’s social and emotional development. It gives a starting point for teachers to review their present teaching methods and suggests practical ideas they can implement.

We all know how in teaching there is the neglecting part about the student’s emotional, social and behavioral needs. Afterall, teaching is not just a simple transfer of notions, but involvement of the whole emotional sphere in the methods adopted in the classroom to facilitate the learning and motivation process. This course offers teachers tips to evolve personally and professionally, it will be an opportunity to develop their emotional and social skills, and to reflect together on tools and methods that can be used in the classroom with their students.

The course will alternate theoretical parts and practical activities and will be implemented in an innovative way by a certified facilitator who will use the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) methodology. The methodology will help the participants to improve awareness about their own social and emotional skills and offer the group a way to share ideas, assumptions and problems, encourage discussion and dialogue in a problem-solving perspective.

In general, the LSP, using the context of “play”, will enable participants to communicate more effectively, stimulate their imaginations, and approach their work with increased confidence.

In addition, participants will experience first-hand some activities to propose to their students in the classroom.

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