A training course about Food & Wine, a sicilian experience

A cup of coffee, the best thing to start the day.
You still sleepy but you try to eat your breakfast without getting your shirt dirty.
Two hours working and you feel that you need another coffee to survive.
It is almost lunchtime and your stomach starts to make noises while you are thinking about what you have in your fridge to make a quick or, in case you have time, a good meal.
Maybe another coffee, some snack, a beer or a cup of wine after a hard day at work.
It is almost time for dinner…

We depend on food to survive, grow, our cells need a continuous supply of calories and nutrients. Everybody will accept food as a basic need, but for most of us it is not just a primary factor for survival, it also has symbolic meanings associated with love, stress reduction, ideals, security, happiness and status. It helps us to cope with stressful experiences, to control our emotions, and to satisfy our desires.

Of course, the value given to food could depend on the place where we are or the customs we have. But I am sure If I ask you which countries you think enjoy eat and drink the most, Italy is always obviously one of the first ones that almost everybody has as an icon in this theme.


That is the reason why EprojectConsult together with its training center BrainUp Lab has developed one of the training course that we are prouder of “Food and wine”. It is a chance to enjoy, try new recipes, taste, have fun, and live each meal as a unique experience.

Marianna and Jana had decided to join us in this adventure for one week full of emotions in Sicily, the biggest island in the Mediterranean sea, which is able to offer us traditional gastronomy without being anchored in the past, giving the best of yesterday and today.

The two Slovakian teachers had the opportunity to complete a training course in the field of Tourism & Catering Management, consisted of seminars and workshops. Aperitivos, restaurants, tours, study visits, wine tastings, tourism and much more in an unforgettable week in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto.

If you are interested in the topic and would like to join our training course, feel free to contact us in order to receive more info about the next dates. You can also have a look at our website to find the training courses that fits your needs.

A training course about Food & Wine, a sicilian experience by EProjectConsult

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