Tips for preparing a successful Erasmus+ application

The deadline to submit your Erasmus+ projects in 2017 is getting close and if you want to boost your chances to receive Erasmus+ funding you should fill in all the forms correctly.

Under Erasmus+ Programme all applicants have to apply through their institution, not as individuals. It is important therefore to identify or appoint a person responsible for staff development in the institution, and talk to them about Erasmus+ funding and available development opportunities, for example language and methodology courses or international job shadowing possibilities. When you write a project make sure your planned activities are relevant both to individual participants and the institution as a whole.

Under Key Action1 “Learning Mobility of Individuals” the participants realize a mobility abroad by receiving a training course appropriate to their needs. In the framework of this mobility is supported transnational partnerships with organisations which materialize the training courses and act as hosting organisations. In this way it is important to have good partners: able to ensure the success of the project!

EProjectConsult and A Rocca NGO has developed a range of training courses which are adapted to the new programme of Erasmus+. As partner we undertake all necessary activities for implementing Erasmus+ projects: training courses, accommodation, monitoring, evaluation and organization of a cultural programme.

  • When filling in the application form, always be specific.
  • When in the application it is asked why the individuals selected are the most suitable to undergo training, describe their background, motivation, ability to share learning outcomes, and how their career progression will be enhanced.
  • Be unambiguous in listing expected outcomes, targets and assessments of your activities, as well as in specifying time scales for every part of your project.
  • Make a point of detailing how the mobility activity is part of a wider and long-term strategy of development and modernisation.
  • Your aims should be strategic, measurable, achievable and realistic.
  • Say what your aims and policies are, how you are going to achieve them and how they will be evaluated, and keep an international dimension in mind.
  • It is recommended not to complete the application at the very last minute before the deadline. Also, for a matter of coherence it is recommended to let an external person takes a look before submitting.

If you need any help keep in mind that we can offer an adequate support for writing the application: analysing the goal of the projects, the feasibility according to the country of destination. We are available before the deadline of your project, answering through skype and e-mails, providing any type of support document, such as Letter of Intention, draft program of the internship, dissemination plan, etc.

EProjectConsult and A Rocca NGO are ready to provide their support and to establish a long term cooperation in the frame of the KA1 and KA2 mobility programs.

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