The International Contact Seminar in SLOVAKIA, Trenčín

The International Contact seminar 2023 SLOVAKIA, Trenčín

The commencement of the International Contact Seminar 2023 in Trenčín, Slovakia, was marked by a successful initiation, following a meticulously planned structure:

  1. Welcome Talk
  2. Introductory Session: Comprehensive coverage of project regulations and pertinent updates.
  3. Event Overview: Thorough exploration and highlighting of the activities slated for the seminar.
  4. Testimonials: Engaging sessions where past project participants shared their invaluable experiences.
  5. Closing Remarks

The overarching objectives of the seminar were outlined as follows:

  1. Partner Connections: The primary focus was on establishing meaningful connections with potential partners, fostering the groundwork for new projects slated for the year 2024.

  2. Italian Partner: A dedicated segment aimed at acquainting attendees with the diverse services offered by the esteemed Italian partner, “A Rocca.”

  3. Long-Term Partnerships: The seminar dedicated efforts to facilitate robust partnerships, emphasizing the collaboration with reliable organizations boasting extensive experience in project management and dissemination.

  4. Erasmus+ KA1 Program: A pivotal component of the seminar involved providing in-depth information and training on project management, encompassing various KA actions.

  5. Effective Dissemination Strategies: Insightful sessions were dedicated to garnering valuable insights into strategies geared towards the efficient dissemination of project outcomes.

In essence, the seminar served as a dynamic platform, not only fostering collaboration and partnerships but also equipping participants with the knowledge and tools necessary for effective project management and dissemination within the framework of the Erasmus+ KA1 Program.

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