One of the most important assets in our company is the people!

EProjectConsult is an energetic company with young staff. You will always find here fresh trainees from elsewhere who constantly improve their skills and knowledge through different activities and courses organised by our team of experts.

We have a great number of nationalities involved into our projects and all our employees speak several languages: Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Albanian, Portugese, Irish, Indian and Japanese. They are bringing together not only their language skills, but also unique personal experiences, vision and cultural diversity. However, our working language remains to be English.

EProjectConsult is led by Antonino Pietrini and Federica Sottile, the founders and owners of the company, and leading organizers of main projects. Both are true Italians, but thanks to their studies and international working experiences they can be considered as international citizens. During your cooperation with EProjectConsult you will be in touch with both of them, and they will help with any problems or difficulties which you might face.

As it was already mentioned above, people is what makes EProjectConsult special; it is a reason why we are the top first organization for your project or training in Italy.

Human value is present in every single project and running process of our organization, it is something what should never be underestimated, it is our strength!


Nino Pietrini

EU Project Manager

Federica Sottile formal photo for EProjectConsult our team section

Federica Sottile

EU Project Manager


Viviana formal

Viviana Trebicka

 Back Office Support

Erasmus+ KA1 Mobilities

Kamil Jastrzębski

EU Project Coordinator

Marta Formal With Border

Marta Sánchez Pérez

Spanish Project Coordinator

Florance formal

Florence Christophe

 French Project Coordinator

Roberta formal

Roberta De Gaetano

Responsible for training internships

Aurora Stringari

Project Coordinator Assistant


Emergency Coordinator

EU Project Management

Nino Pietrini

EU Project Manager

Federica Sottile formal photo for EProjectConsult our team section

Federica Sottile

EU Project Manager

Serena Perdichizzi formal photo for EProjectConsult our team section

Serena Perdichizzi

Office Manager and Media & Communication Coordinator

Andres Abad

Strategic EU Development Manager



Cormac formal

Cormac Porter

 Communication Team Support in Graphics and Video Production


Giusy Grasso formal photo for EProjectConsult

Giusy Grasso

Logistic Support and Accomodation Standard

Cristina Mihaela

Logistic Support and Accomodation Standard

Catania Erasmus+ KA1 Mobilities

Ignazio Amore

Project Coordinator Catania

Angelo Giallongo

Project Coordinator Catania

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