“Teacher of Future TRIO” Poland 2018 PO WER

EprojectConsult teachers visit at schools of barcellona

POWER - Training course

Teaching of English as a foreign language

What happened? Training course for school staff in the frame of Erasmus+ programme

Who was there? 5 teachers from Warsaw, Poland

When and where? From the 07.05 to the 11.05.2018 in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto.

Who organised?A Rocca” NGO and its international department, EProjectConsult.

The name of the project? POWERSE-2017-1-PL01-KA101-037139  “Teacher of Future TRIO”

The results? The course was an introduction to the teaching of English as a foreign language and aimed to lay a firm foundation on which a teacher can build as she/he gains experience. At the end of the project, participants received a certificate and EUROPASS mobility certificates.

General Skills and Competencies Acquired:

  • Introduction to the underlying principles of teaching language;
  • Ways of presenting new language items;
  • Techniques for further practice with emphasis on speaking;
  • Use of visual aids, drama techniques and video;
  • The listening skill, including use of taped material;
  • The reading skill, including use of authentic material and readers;
  • The writing skill;
  • Using, adapting, creating and exploiting materials and course books;
  • Alternative approaches to language teaching;
  • Analysis of language from a foreign learner's point of view;
  • Correction techniques;
  • teaching pronunciation.

The project was finished with evaluations from the teachers. In their assessment they described the project as valuable, useful and interesting. “A Rocca” and EProjectConsult are satisfied to have offered the participants a possibility to gain professional experience in their sector to be more competitive in the labor market. The project took place smoothly and we are hoping to continue the pleasant cooperation with the school.

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