“Take the Leap” with a core focus on social inclusion

The “TAKE THE LEAP” project is a dedicated effort to address one of the most critical horizontal priorities in today’s society—social inclusion. This project seeks to empower disadvantaged learners by enhancing their access, participation, and learning performance, ultimately aiming to reduce the disparities in educational outcomes that exist. At its core, “TAKE THE LEAP” bridges the gap between socially excluded youth and business advisors, creating a unique and innovative approach to fostering entrepreneurship among this vulnerable group.

The project’s objectives are multi-faceted. “TAKE THE LEAP” leverages workshops, one-to-one mentoring, and knowledge sharing among NGOs to support young individuals facing social exclusion. A key goal is the development of an open digital youth work entrepreneurship Training Package, tailored to the specific needs of this demographic. The project targets 300 socially excluded youth dealing with issues like mental health challenges, long-term unemployment, learning disabilities, and social isolation, along with a minimum of 400 youth workers and trainers.

Key Features:
“TAKE THE LEAP” stands out due to its unique two-level workshop-based training program and innovative online Training Package. This approach empowers marginalized youth to explore entrepreneurial opportunities while receiving personalized support. Collaboration and knowledge sharing among participating NGOs further enrich the project’s impact.

The success of “TAKE THE LEAP” is underpinned by a diverse and collaborative partnership, including:

1. Diversity Living Services, United Kingdom
2. Mobilizing Expertise AB, Sweden
3. Association for Citizens Tolerance and Cooperation Prilep, The Republic of North, Macedonia
4. NGO Ritineitis, Latvia
5. Eprojectconsult – Istituto Europeo di Formazione e Ricerca, Italy

These partners bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the project, ensuring its holistic approach to addressing social inclusion and fostering entrepreneurship.

Potential Impact:
The project’s potential impact is profound. By providing tailored support and resources to socially excluded youth, “TAKE THE LEAP” not only opens doors to entrepreneurship but also promotes a more inclusive society. As disadvantaged learners gain access to new opportunities, they can overcome barriers to education and employment, ultimately contributing to the reduction of disparities in learning outcomes. The project also benefits youth workers and trainers, enhancing their skills and knowledge to better support their target group.

“TAKE THE LEAP” embodies a dedicated effort to empower socially excluded youth, fostering entrepreneurship and inclusive participation in society. Through innovative training programs, knowledge sharing, and a multi-faceted approach, this project addresses the pressing issue of social inclusion head-on, creating a brighter future for disadvantaged learners and promoting a more equitable society. Its diverse and committed partnership ensures the project’s success and widespread impact.

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