Summer Erasmus+ training course in Fine Arts

Summer Erasmus+ training course in Fine Arts

On the 20th of July we welcomed our German participants attending a training course in the field of Fine Arts. During their stay they are going to have professional workshops in sculpture, painting, photography, and also a sunset workshop on clay. After the introducing presentation about Italian and Sicilian life, they began their 5 days training with the first course: photography.

The workshop was presented by Santino Trifilò, a Sicilian photographer, who is specialized in wedding, portrait and still life photography. As our company places great emphasis on communication, our interested collegues could also participate in the course.

During the first part basic photography techniques were introduced. Have you heard about the rule of thirds? In what case you should take a picture from above or below? How the horizon should appear on your picture?  Well, now we could explain all this to you. After composition techniques, the 3 basic elements of the art of light were addressed: exposure, aperture and shutter speed. We also learned how to apply the settings on our own cameras, and Santino took some photos of us to show huge differences in zoom and focus of light.

In the end of the class the participants practiced the acquired skills with a simulator in order to study the different results that can be obtained with the different settings. This was the 1st round. On next Friday 22nd of July, we will continue the course going out and exploring the city of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto with our cameras.

Today was the day of Sculpture. The participants had the chance to work with a local artist, Maurizio Calabrò, who works with different materials, such as wood, clay, stones and marble. They hardly tried to sculpt a David with clay and the result was absolutely great!

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