A chance to broaden your knowledge, gain more deep understanding and experience the best ever unforgettable moment in your life is what Sicily can bring to all of you.

So, can Sicily be your next destination?

Sicily in a nutshell

Sicily is the largest of the Italian islands with 600 miles of coastline, surrounded by the Ionian, the Tyrrhenian, and the Mediterranean seas. Also, the 43rd G7 summit 2017 was taken placed in Sicily. It is a pretty unique place full of fascinating people, landscapes, history, architecture and other amazing tourist attractions.

What can Sicily offer?

Weather: A longer warm-weather season that makes you have more time to sunbathe, swim and enjoy the wild flowers along the grounds starting at the end of every February. Sicily has a mild climate that makes it an attractive destination for every season.

Culture: If you are a person who is interested in different cultures, Sicily is a perfect choice because it has a rich and unique culture, relating to the arts, music, literature, and architecture. Sicily has been a crossroad and crucible of Mediterranean culture, being a fascinating palimpsest with Greek temples, Norman churches and Baroque palazzos emerge from the rich fabric.

Attractions: So many different attractive places and you will be fallen in love with these nature of beauty, including Palermo, Catania, Siracusa, Etna volcano, Lipari islands, Taormina, Cefalù, Syracuse, Trapani, Messina etc. As Gocthe said “To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything”. In this island, you will have a great chance to experience the tallest active volcano in Europe (Etna Volcano). There are up to 07 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are waiting for you to explore.

Food: Sicily represents a complex diverse cuisine that makes it become world-famous. It is a mix of the different cuisines of Greek, Spanish, French and Arab. In 2014, Palermo, the capital of Sicily was selected to be top 10 cities worldwide. For sure, you will be addicted to these foods because they are absolutely delicious and tempting. Everywhere in Sicily, you can find easily Arancini, Pani ca meusa, Pane e pannelle, Sfincione, Caponata, Parmigiana di melanzane, Spaghetti ai ricci, Pasta alla Norma…etc.

Architecture: Stunning architecture that are notable and best-preserved temples and other structures of the Greek world. You can also find many different hundreds of castles here (Castello Ursino, Zisa Castle, Castello Manfredonico, Forte dei Centri, Castello di Donnafugata, Castello Maniace, Castello di Venere…etc) and around 218 old watchtowers along all the coast of the isle in different provinces of Sicily.

Working placement: A variety of different sectors that meet all your requirements to foster competencies and enrich employability. Participants have the chance to work in diverse company organizations. It’s good to boost your employment desirability, build up knowledge of the global workplace and enhance intercultural skills.

And what else?

Lifestyle: Sicilians are very open-minded, helpful and friendly. Though they have some commons to all Italians, they also have some other traits of their own. Sicilian love to enjoy themselves with many different festivities celebrated enthusiastically. By involving with them via live concerts, music festivals, Medieval festivals, food events throughout the island could be the good way to help you have more insights of Sicilian lifestyle.

EProjectConsult: Last but not least, within your stay in Sicily, you will get unlimited assistance from EProjectConsult professional and experienced staff with language abilities in English, Italy, Polish, French, Japanese, Spanish. Thus, you will never get lost if you cannot speak Italian.



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