September is approaching and we are ready to start!

Ready to start!

September Erasmus+ sicily

While others feel blue at this period of the year, already regretting summer days at the beach, we can’t help but feeling kind of excited, motivated at the prospect of receiving new interns, building new partnerships, hosting enriching training courses on subjects we care deeply about, being part of exciting KA2 projects, and building new friendships. Summer might be coming to an end, but we, in Sicily, are committed to still enjoy ourselves and make you enjoy your time with us under the everlasting (or almost) sun of Sicily.

This autumn, we will be hosting VET students from all over Europe, from Malta to Slovakia, from Spain to Poland, from Greece to Germany, and so much more! They will be working all around Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto and its surroundings, in a wide range of sectors, including children education, nursing, veterinary, pharmacy, cooking, gardening, and even shellfish aquaculture!

Internship sectorsThis season promises to be very interesting!

And let’s not forget our other students who, in the frame of the lifelong learning education policies of the European Union, are coming to our island to follow training courses provided by EProjectConsult’s training center BrainUpLab. Are indeed coming up some exciting training courses on Environmental protection & Fairtrade and Multicultural teaching (from the 14th to the 20th October 2019), but also on Tourism management, Food and Wine, Early school leaving and much more. Check our training course calendar. Don’t forget to register if you’re interested by these subjects and want to spend your last days of hot weather in the extreme South of Italy.

That being said, September isn’t here yet. So let’s enjoy our lasts days of august laziness and meet during this new and exciting school year which is coming ahead of us!

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