A Rocca services for TBS Television

We would like to present our collaboration with the Japanese television channel TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television Inc.). The purpose of this collaboration is to shoot a documentary in the island of Sicily about the places are protected by UNESCO World Heritage Center. The participation of a local coordinator, who is provided by our organization “A Rocca”, is of crucial importance for the success of this filming.

A rocca services for tbs televisionMore specifically, this is a production of a series of documentary films entitled “The World of Heritage” which focuses on sites inscribed on the World Heritage List. TBS channel has been working in partnership with UNESCO World Heritage Center since 1996 and it has already produced a collection of more than 600 films about World Heritage sites. Since TBS wanted to expand this project to the sites that have not been visited by their team, our office had the pleasure to collaborate with them by providing any assistance that was needed in order to guarantee the best conditions possible on the heritage sites in Sicily.

As “A Rocca” organisation is composed by international stuff, it is important the contribution of a Japanese in origin member of our office, named Teruko Kominato. She is able to provide all information needed about the heritage sites, as well to translate everything from Italian to Japanese and inverse. Another important member who contributes to this project is Serena Perdichizzi who assists by communicating with the local municipalities in order to provide the authorization needed for the documentary shootings.

A rocca services for tbs televisionThe heritage sites are planned to be visited are the following: Etna, Grotta del gelo (Ice Cave), historical center of Catania, Villa Romana del Casale, Parco Archeologico della Valle dei Templi of di Agrigento, historical center of Siracusa, Catacombe, Museo Archeologico, Parco Archeologico Neapolis, Tempio Apollo – Cattedrale di Siracusa – Fonte Aretusa, Riserva Naturale di Pantalica.

Finally, we are very glad to participate in this kind of partnership, as it is a very interesting sector that our office would like to expand. Hopefully it will inspire us to develop new collaborations and operation in similar fields.

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