PWoEE Mentoring sessions

Promoting Women in environmental entrepreneurship

Mentoring sessions

Five aperitivos business events took place over two weeks in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, as part of our KA2 project: Promoting Women in environmental entrepreneurship (PWOEE). Meetings were organized with local entrepreneurs from different sectors : tourism, fashion, renewable energy, and association. Each partner discussed their journey and gave tips to be a good self-employed.

With the help of our partners Youthpreneur Stichting ( The Netherlands) and Association for Volunteerism Volonterski Centar Skopje (Republic of North Macedonia), we succeeded to implement ways to tackle the subject of gender equality including youth organizations, women’s empowerment, and sustainable practices in business.

This project was organized with the help of multiple organizations that are committed to the same issues. It allowed the creation of a permanent network support for female entrepreneurs through the Web Platform (

But also five aperitivo business events with local entrepreneurs have been organized with a group of students, to get to know how a business works and chat about local business opportunities as well. Owners were the mentors of a group of about ten students who are studying marketing and business. They were able to learn these subjects from professionals with experience.

Sell an emotion” is what Antonella Giorgianni said to the students on the 17th of January. As the owner of the wedding dress workshop DESIO, she gave our students marketing and business advice. For instance, they were able to learn more about how a budget is managed for a fashion show or the organization and logistics behind a fashion show.

These types of events are key elements for a good marketing strategy. And behind these events, there is this whole part of advertisement which interested our students. Desio has interested pupils, because this brand lasts, for now, more than 40 years, and has a lot to give in terms of knowledge.

A brand that lasts from mother to daughter is a good example of success.

The main word was “determination” on January 18th. Mariaelena Bucca and Alessandro Perlongo let us enter their Energetica Etica workshop.  During this discussion, they help us understand better energetic challenges for the future and how can we deal with these issues for the upcoming generations.

These five meetings took place to introduce the idea of getting into entrepreneurship and the idea of environmental sustainability as well.

For those who want to be an entrepreneur and start their own business, it was really rewarding. Finally, marketing strategy is a tool used by companies in order to consolidate the name of the brand and to be competitive as well. And socials such as Instagram are a must-have for every company.

Stakeholders pushed the young audience to have professional experience because for them it’s more valuable if they apply for a job but also for their personal experience.

In order to continue the discussion in a more pleasant way, everyone was able to enjoy the snacks and drinks available for everyone.

All the efforts would have allowed women and young workers to learn more about the life of an entrepreneur in order to get started as well. Exchange with workers with personal experiences in the field of entrepreneurship had been beneficial for those who participated in the aperitivo business meetings as well as those who are registered on the online platform.

Feedbacks have been more than satisfying, most of them said that it was very useful, and they learned a lot.

Valuing and highlighting women to become independent in the world of work remains a fight, but tools are now put in place to fight against these inequalities. Hoping that all these efforts will bear fruits in the future, creating new entrepreneurs and talents around the world.

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