Promoting Women in Environmental Entrepreneurship (PWoEE)

Promoting Women in Environmental Entrepreneurship (PWoEE)

Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Project number: KA210-YOU-227D5AAC


Project Summary


Research shows that the average percentage of women entrepreneurs in EU member states and Europe-37 hovers at only around one-third, though this number varies considerably between countries. Of the countries represented by partners in this project, there is an undeniable gap between male and female entrepreneurs, as well as those in self-employment, and this project seeks to address this issue.


Women’s entrepreneurial potential is a very much underexploited source of economic growth and new jobs and women are underrepresented in economic and political decision making. Furthermore, they are more likely to experience challenges when trying to secure work, or funds for their business. The PWoEE project aims to bring European Young Women closer to education, entrepreneurship and employment and to support the development of their professional skills in order to tackle these discrepancies. PWoEE is a partnership between organisations in Italy, North Macedonia and the Netherlands that will provide tailor-made curricula and develop a mentorship community to assist these women throughout their business journey.




The specific objectives of the project are: 

  • To develop strong partnerships between varying organisations in the field of young female empowerment in order to gather a variety of opinions and objectives for the project

  • To promote gender equity in cooperation with civil-society organizations, businesses and public authorities to benefit the economic and social empowerment of women.

  • To transfer knowledge and learning regarding the problems women face, connecting them and allowing them to exchange solutions 

  • To establish socially and environmentally oriented businesses through small scale business endeavors piloted by young people.

  • To advocate for social innovation in management/ production and best practices towards introducing new business models using mentorship as a tool.




These goals will be implemented primarily through the creation of a ‘one-stop’ Web Platform where youth workers and young female entrepreneurs can find valuable resources to support them in their careers. This platform will consist of three main elements:


  1. Training curricula, including ‘Business Technology’, ‘Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Entrepreneurial Finance’

  2. Mentoring support with a database of local mentors for users to seek advice from

  3. A networking space, where knowledge can be transferred between users


In addition, the project objectives will be achieved through the EU Dissemination campaign which will set out the main beneficiaries, direct them towards the online platform and track the dissemination progress to ensure maximum impact.


Target Groups


They key target groups for this project are as follows:


  • Women, including those who own their own businesses, those who are currently unemployed and those who want to start their own business.

  • Organisations that are engaged with the issue of gender equality including youth organisations, national and local associations of women entrepreneurs, national foundations, national and local networks and initiatives that support women.

  • Wider networks of state and local authorities, research organisations and universities and European Youth NGOs




The intended results of the project include: 


  • Institutional sustainability: the establishment of a permanent network of support for female entrepreneurs through the creation of the Web Platform which will continue after the end of the project. 

  • Policy level sustainability: the project will be supported by national authorities and public institutions in all the countries and will address EU Inclusive Entrepreneurship Policies.

  • Environmental sustainability: the project aims to protect the natural environment and promote good, sustainable practice in business in relation to the European Green Deal.



Youthpreneur Stichting, The Netherlands




EProjectConsult, Italy


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