Our environmental behaviour @ Eprojectconsult

In less than one week our project ‘eARTh’ will start. Project’s aim is protection of  the environment and solving of the trash problem with the alternative ways of recycling. This project will hopefully create more awareness of environmental behaviour.

Within the office of Eprojectconsult, the trash is separated, there is used a moderate
amount of energy and we keep things clean. How does this behaviour change after leaving the office? Last time we asked Dorota about her environmental behaviour. Today we ask Alex:

Alex: “ If I look at my environmental behaviour I am ashamed. I do not separate trash at home, I sometimes throw things on the streets when there is no trashcan nearby. I use a lot of electricity when it comes down to lights, television, computer and central heating. My friends do the same, so nobody stimulates or pushes me to act differently. In my opinion, environmental topics like in this youth exchange project ‘Earth’,  are very important to aim for within youth exchanges. Young people become more aware of their current environmental behaviour and the importance of the ideal environmental attitude and behaviour”

Important is that this topic gets highlighted, because it deserves to be emphasized. To change the general environmental behaviour, we have to stand behind this thought all together and live up to the rules all together. However, often it starts with a few people but ends up with a lot more. Let’s make a change!

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