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Optimize your learning experience by EProjectConsultNowadays, students are becoming more familiar with summer internship, but it seems that there are still many students do not realize the core significance and benefits of one summer internship abroad or considered it as a serious way. Although towards students, summer time is always the best period of the year that they are most expected. That is the time that students can temporarily forget academic knowledge from their schools and enjoy themselves as an award after the long academic year.

Hence, here are some tips that maybe help you understand and figure out the more values of one summer internship abroad:

Find one accompany

While doing internship abroad, you cannot stay at one place for the whole day or just finish your day within the office. Moreover, as a newbie, it is essential that you should find one accompany that can hang out with you after office. Also, it is a great chance that you can open your international networking and get more meaningful moment in your internship

Learn some basic words

When moving to another country, language is always the 1st barrier that limit you.  However, just trying to get to know some basic words or if possible, some basic greetings will be helpful that you can become more welcomed by local people. They will feel happy if you can speak a little bit their language, even if it will be a little bit “crazy” with you when facing with difficult languages.

Spend time exploring the sightseeings

Don’t to be more workaholic at all times. Try to explore the sightseeings where you are living and take some pictures of you to save the memorable moments. You can enrich your check-in places and make your friends be jealous J However, it will be the miss if you don’t try any traditional foods there. You cannot image how delious they are if you don’t go around and figure out by yourself to every corner of the place you are staying.

Do what you can do without instructions

Maybe you are quite familiar with the clear instructions at your school and so, sometimes you feel isolated, bored and useless if there are not many things to do at office. If you are in such that case, try to think many other tasks you can do and achieve them. Don’t waste your time without anything to do. And remember that your attitude is much more important to other things.

It’s a “real work”, not a holiday!

Perhaps some of you consider summer internship as a short holiday after the long period of studying and hence, you don’t focus on that job as much as you can. Yes, it can be the reason that you drive you not pay more attention to your internship. And this perhaps leads to waste of time and missing some valuable opportunities then. So, trying to get involve and understand more benefits of an internship offered will help you get a better mind. Consider it as the final exam that you need to pass at school and take it seriously.

Last but not least, get out of your comfort zone and be more active to achieve what to really want. You cannot seize any opportunity if you don’t try something new and be more engaged in it. That’s why “No Pain, No Gain”.

Hope you find any interesting and useful to you, and good luck to your summer internship! 🙂

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