Open Innovation in Adult Learning Course

This weekend “A Rocca” Association was pleased to welcome and host the 6th meeting of the “Open Innovation in Adult Learning Course” in the framework of Grundtvig programme in the beautiful city of Catania, Italy. The meeting was attended by three members of Gecko Programmes Ltd, UK; three members of Industry & Information Technologies RDI S.A., Turkey; two members of Inercia Digital, Spain; and two members of the “A Rocca” staff. The meeting was used to discuss the 4th Module of the project about “E-business and digital entrepreneurship for adult learning”.  Each country presented a SME with good practices in E-business and digital entrepreneurship and the benefits of such practices were discussed.

As the OPEN project is coming to an end, Inercia Digital presented the dissemination plan to ensure the visibility and lasting effects of the project. As a continuation of the project, it was discussed how a new project can be developed in the framework of Erasmus + Action 2. The aim is to use the information gained on good practices from the four modules to create a course for adult learners. The objective is to reach and train many SME owners in OPEN innovation practices across the partner countries so they many expand their businesses. Finally the dates were set for the final meetings in Istanbul, Turkey and Huelva, Spain in which the project results will be shared. We look forward to the continued development of the new project proposal so that the results of OPEN will reach the target group of adult learners of SME companies.

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