Online Behaviours: Session 2

Online Behaviours: Session 2

Online Behaviours: Session 2 explore the impact of the consumption of information online and the use of social media by young people, focusing on how the emotions of consumers can be influenced by online content creators.

This session examines how and why content creators try to take advantage of your emotional rather than logical responses to online material and give young people the skills they need to recognise emotional manipulation. The emotional manipulation, persuasive technique whereby an argument or piece of content is designed to trigger an emotional response rather than appeal to reason. Emotional manipulation is a common tactic in all communications and can be seen in advertising, political messaging, and news editorials, as well as art more generally.

Often appealing to emotional responses can be an effective technique for positive as well as negative causes, such as in fundraising for charitable causes. However, this disconnection from logic can leave individuals vulnerable to manipulation.

Making people aware of emotional manipulation is an important way to empower them to moderate its influence.

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