New Slovakian, Polish and German groups arrive to Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto

Days are busy in Barcellona and at EProjectConsult at the moment. Between Friday and Sunday three new groups have arrived to begin their traineeships at various companies in the Barcellona area under the Erasmus+ Programme. First a new Slovakian Group of 6 students (4 waiters, 1 bartender and 1 hairdresser) have arrived on Friday. After the usual welcoming presentation and showing them around the city, they had the chance to experience a real Sicilian aperitivo at a local bar, where they could also make friends with the Polish group of ICT students who have arrived 10 days earlier.


After them, a new Polish group of 16 electromechanics, cooks and construction workers have “landed” in Barcellona to begin their trainings, and they were soon joined by 10 German students, who will be working at kindergardens, nurseries, hotels and other businesses in the area. Both groups have been thoroughly informed about the ways of living in Barcellona and Sicily in general, and they were taken to a brief tour around the city, showing the most important places, stores, banks, etc. In a few days, they will be also accompanied by a Spanish group, so it is fair to say that these are interesting times on the north coast of Sicily.


In order to facilitate their adaptation to their new environment, on Monday the German students have already started their Italian language course. Although they are all complete beginners, they all seem to be very eager to learn as much as possible during the few weeks they will spend in Italy. Their teacher, Daniela, seems to be very happy with their enthusiasm.


On the 4th of October, all the 5 groups will go together to the magical Jalari Park Museum for a traditional yearly event of Vendemmia, celebrating the wine harvest. There they will have the opportunity to see the traditional methods of making wine (through stamping on grapes), while enjoying Sicilian music and dances and trying traditional local food. Those students who are over 18 years old can also taste many types of local wines and choose their favourite.


The staff at EProjectConsult sends a very warm welcome to all arriving students and wishes them an interesting, enjoyable and fruitful internship!

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