New Horizons for Professional Competence of the IT Specialist. Erasmus+ project

New Horizons for Professional Competence of the IT Specialist

students from profession Computer designer The students from profession computer designer at the High School of Mathematics in Bulgaria had a project training together with EUROMECC, an Italian company that designs and produces machines and plants for the concrete and cement industry from 9th till 24th of February in Catania. For two weeks, they got enlightened in the fields of electronics, mechanics and programming. They were assigned to different kind of projects which all included construction and assembling electrical panels for alarms and pressure control systems (PLCs). EUROMECC gave them construction steps and in the end would evaluate their results.

The student were specifically graphic designers, however in this project they got to learn more about the Industrial design field. Know more in depth about industrial design functions like Autodesk 123D software, learn and create 3D projects for the company.  Subsequently, they went further with training challenge, where they had to translate mechanical details into 3D digital software and then printed them out using a 3D printer.

The relationship between the students and EUROMECC was satisfactory, students stating on how they managed to acquire plenty of knowledge and help from them. Making their experience even more pleasant and use the skills they gained in the real-life labor. The internship was conducted under the initiative and financial support of the Erasmus+ programmes via EProjectConsult. The students were shown very enthusiastic to work in EUROMECC.

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